Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Isaiah 40:31 and 2 Timothy 1:7

Doodling! It's good to doodle anything you want to remember, and for me that includes Bible verses. I've never been great at committing them to memory.
2 Timothy 1:7 is one of my favorite verses. I love verses about the strength we get from God. In my church we hear lots about kindness, forgiveness and loving...which are great, great things...but we don't hear as much about the love, power, strength and self-control we are gifted with, and we should exercise and grow stronger. That's my opinion....thus the "Woot woot!" at the top...because that's how I feel about this!

I will sometimes take the time to draw, and other times I think I'll do something simple like these outlined letters.

Bible Journaling

 I've been loving the Bible journaling I've been seeing online, and since I learn visually and by doing, I thought this might be a good idea for me. The bible I've been using is HUGE, and also has those ultra thin pages. I think most things, even pencil marks show through those pages, so I followed some links for "journaling bibles" and found one that I liked.
The overall size is nicer for carrying, the pages are slightly thicker, and there is space on each page to write or draw notes and thoughts about what I'm reading.

This is my first attempt. I used watercolor pencils because you can still read the text beneath. The page crinkled a bit when I added water, but not too badly, and it doesn't bother me. Let's just say it adds character!

If you'd like to see more examples from lots of folks, just follow this link to a google search.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Chicago..where Route 66 begins!

Almost every day I work on some kind of Route 66 drawing, featuring some place in Illinois. They are going to be used in a future project and I'm excited about getting them all done. I'm working down the list of great 66 spots in Illinois.

Painting BIG

Normally, I paint larger than about 12x12, but several years ago I bought this great old easel at an auction, and promptly bought a couple of huge canvases. Then it sat....for years. Suddenly the other evening I decided I just had to paint one!
I decided to go for it and do something kind of like the background I make for journal pages. It helped me get over the fear of that pristine canvas, to just think of it that way, and not worry about how it turns out...after all, if I hated it, I could gesso over it, and start anew.
I used Golden fluid acrylics and some acrylics in tubes. I layered on the colors using brushes and my fingers.
Added some water, and letting gravity paint.
  I painted with my fingers quite a bit. I also used foam brushes, and regular paint brushes.

I've not painted anything this large since high school. It was fun! I will definitely be trying this again in the near future.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Uh-oh. Draw what you see.

Here's what happens when you start listening to your brain instead of your eyes. I had a rough outline of the building down, but I quit looking so much and started to draw what I thought was there, and messed up the roof line of the Rich and Creamy ice cream shop in Joliet. Soooo I'll have to fix that, which means pretty much starting over, and paying attention this time!

Decided to try and fix it with my sharpie white paint pen, which I can draw over. I think it worked pretty well...the test will be when I go get it copied to see if it shows. I've left this fairly simple as far as lines and shading because it's going to get reduced quite a bit.  After I get the copies made I want to try and add some color to this.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Faces from the shop

 This is a young man I met at my shop. He was very upbeat and fun....and he was looking at a country music CD when he told me the story on the page. Then he wanted to know about the singer on the CD. Right at that moment the singer walked in, and they had their picture made together and talked about music for a while. It's a small world!

 This is another customer at the shop. She is from Germany, and you can read the story on the page in the picture below. I'm not happy with this drawing, but it's another one of the 100 done. I cannot figure out shading on faces yet...especially on women. If you leave it crosshatching it looks like whiskers, but I'm not fond of the blended look that I get with a paper stump either. I'll have to hit youtube and see what I can learn.

This is a beautiful redhead I saw on pinterest. I erased quite a bit and it got kind of smudgy, but I like her anyway. Her right eye is rather small.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Well here is another face. I love this girl, but I didn't am not up to drawing her yet. I tried to draw her back in 2007, and this is a little better, I think, but still...I need a LOT of practice. Also..I can tell you I think teeth showing makes things harder! Anyway, I committed to showing them all to see what kind of progress I make as I draw 100 faces, so here she is!

Pencil sketches..faces

I finally did a couple more faces. I only have a #2 pencil with me, which I haven't drawn with in a long time...I forgot how easily it smudges! This girl is #7 and she is lady I found when I googled "faces."
This lady is an artist I met on Facebook. She is much prettier in person, but I still think that this is a pretty good try for me.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Ikea Lamp Hack....hand drawn Route 66 Muffler Men

 I've been drawing those muffler men again. This time I put them on an Ikea lamp. It takes a night light bulb and is a nice little mood lamp.
These lamps are made of frosted glass, and after a little experimenting I found Sharpie markers worked the best and take a little gentle wiping to clean the lamp.  I used my rubber stamp again too. I'm so glad I made that thing!

Friday, April 03, 2015

Mixed Media Invades My Sewing!

 I  know I have kept this blog all about painting and drawing and have been pretty strict about it. But now the paints and stamp carving and drawing have started seeping over into other things. Like these aprons. Many of you know I own a souvenir shop on Route 66. I wanted to make Route 66 aprons for the shop. I made a couple, and I loved upcycling the blue jeans, but they looked so plain.......and then it hit me....paints and stamping and doodling!
 So I started stamping some with the stamp I carved not long ago. I used a waterproof ink of course. And then polka dots seemed a good idea, so I added them with acrylic paints for fabric.
 I think they are pretty spunky in that Daisy Duke kind of way, with the blue jeans and ruffles.

 I bought a few pens that are for painting on dark fabrics and they worked pretty well.
This one has the small Route 66 stamp I carved a few years ago.

 I've got a few more almost done. The shop is going to have more things I've made in it this year than it ever has before. I hope people find them appealing!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Route 66 Cards and Envelopes

 I made envelopes for the cards tonight. Lots of Gelli Arts printing. Followed by stamping.

 I decided to use my smaller Route 66 stamp to label the backs of the cards, and to stamp the flap of the envelope.
I've got a nice bundle of these all ready to go...packaged individually in clear cellophane bags to keep them clean.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Gelli Printed Route 66 Cards

 I printed up a bunch of cards on the Gelli Arts Plate. Then I used the new stamp I carved last night to put the Route 66 sign on them.
 Next a little bit of doodling and lettering....loose and fun.
Get your kicks on Route 66!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Route 66 Stamp

 Tonight I've been carving a stamp. I've only carved one once before, and it was a smaller version of the Route 66 highway sign. I probably should watch a few youtube videos on stamp carving, because this is pretty rough.
But I tried it out, and even with the rough edges, it might serve for some of the ideas I have for it. I may be using this on journal pages, canvases, and even on furniture or fabric. Once I watch those videos I'll probably try to make a cleaned up version. I left the top part blank so I could write in a state name or "ROUTE."

Thursday, March 05, 2015


 I decided to do some pages with Bible verses that I like. I like verses that speak of the strength and joy that comes from God. This will also use repeating shapes in response to the Documented Life prompt.  I also haven't done the 5 layers prompt and this could be for that too. This first layer is blue and yellow paint applied with a credit card.
 The second layer is some ledger paper and some gelli printed paper I made a while back.
 Now we are getting into some repeating elements (circles) finger painted on. Also some yellow repeated in stripes also finger painted.
 Here I've added some highlights and shadows on some of the circles
Next are some doodling and lettering and sketching.  Lots more circles.The photo is one I purchased years ago at an auction when I bought a bunch of glass negatives. Someone had made a print of this one...two little girls painting at easels in what looks like a parlor.

Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above. ~James 1:7

This could refer to gifts of many kinds, but in this case I was thinking of artistic gifts or talents. I used to wish I had more practical gifts like people who are doctors or nurses or carpenters. Over the years I've learned to appreciate that we are all given such different gifts!

Monday, March 02, 2015

Cover up the good stuff.

 This is a page in answer to the Documented Life Project prompt to "cover up the good stuff." I started with a layer of neon colors applied with a credit card.
 Next I added "the good stuff" which was a layer of journaling all over the page, in black pen. I've had a lot of grief and sadness and angst in the last few years, and today I had lots of good things to journal about how so much healing has happened over that time. It's a lot of good stuff that I wondered if I'd ever be able to write. After I journaled sloppily all over, I spread some gesso over it with a credit card to knock it back a bit and "cover up the good stuff."
 Next I covered it up some more with some music paper, underpaper, and a scrap of dictionary page. Then I added in some acrylic paints.
 More acrylics,  including a lot of happy yellow.
 Here's my messy work table.

 Then I doodled with black, white, green, and red paint pens. I like it right here, but I've also toyed with painting over the whole thing with black gesso except for a few large flower shapes masked off. I'll have to think about that.