Thursday, March 12, 2015

Route 66 Cards and Envelopes

 I made envelopes for the cards tonight. Lots of Gelli Arts printing. Followed by stamping.

 I decided to use my smaller Route 66 stamp to label the backs of the cards, and to stamp the flap of the envelope.
I've got a nice bundle of these all ready to go...packaged individually in clear cellophane bags to keep them clean.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Gelli Printed Route 66 Cards

 I printed up a bunch of cards on the Gelli Arts Plate. Then I used the new stamp I carved last night to put the Route 66 sign on them.
 Next a little bit of doodling and lettering....loose and fun.
Get your kicks on Route 66!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Route 66 Stamp

 Tonight I've been carving a stamp. I've only carved one once before, and it was a smaller version of the Route 66 highway sign. I probably should watch a few youtube videos on stamp carving, because this is pretty rough.
But I tried it out, and even with the rough edges, it might serve for some of the ideas I have for it. I may be using this on journal pages, canvases, and even on furniture or fabric. Once I watch those videos I'll probably try to make a cleaned up version. I left the top part blank so I could write in a state name or "ROUTE."

Thursday, March 05, 2015


 I decided to do some pages with Bible verses that I like. I like verses that speak of the strength and joy that comes from God. This will also use repeating shapes in response to the Documented Life prompt.  I also haven't done the 5 layers prompt and this could be for that too. This first layer is blue and yellow paint applied with a credit card.
 The second layer is some ledger paper and some gelli printed paper I made a while back.
 Now we are getting into some repeating elements (circles) finger painted on. Also some yellow repeated in stripes also finger painted.
 Here I've added some highlights and shadows on some of the circles
Next are some doodling and lettering and sketching.  Lots more circles.The photo is one I purchased years ago at an auction when I bought a bunch of glass negatives. Someone had made a print of this one...two little girls painting at easels in what looks like a parlor.

Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above. ~James 1:7

This could refer to gifts of many kinds, but in this case I was thinking of artistic gifts or talents. I used to wish I had more practical gifts like people who are doctors or nurses or carpenters. Over the years I've learned to appreciate that we are all given such different gifts!

Monday, March 02, 2015

Cover up the good stuff.

 This is a page in answer to the Documented Life Project prompt to "cover up the good stuff." I started with a layer of neon colors applied with a credit card.
 Next I added "the good stuff" which was a layer of journaling all over the page, in black pen. I've had a lot of grief and sadness and angst in the last few years, and today I had lots of good things to journal about how so much healing has happened over that time. It's a lot of good stuff that I wondered if I'd ever be able to write. After I journaled sloppily all over, I spread some gesso over it with a credit card to knock it back a bit and "cover up the good stuff."
 Next I covered it up some more with some music paper, underpaper, and a scrap of dictionary page. Then I added in some acrylic paints.
 More acrylics,  including a lot of happy yellow.
 Here's my messy work table.

 Then I doodled with black, white, green, and red paint pens. I like it right here, but I've also toyed with painting over the whole thing with black gesso except for a few large flower shapes masked off. I'll have to think about that.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Wow...I have an art studio!

 I have a cute little 9.5x9.5 room off of my living room. When I moved here, anytime we couldn't figure out where something went, it ended up it was a heap, and I've never had it set up to use. Last night I sorted though things, and made myself a little art room.
I bought this large easel at an estate auction a few years ago. It was in a big old house that had a lot of great arty things. It's oak and extremely sturdy and on of my best ever finds! I didn't think I'd win it at the auction, but I ended up getting it for just 65 dollars. For a while I had it in the shop displaying paintings, and I've had several artists come in and make me very good offers, but I want to see if I like working large before I sell it. It would cost a lot to replace it, and I have a feeling that I just might love making large paintings.
 This is a little railroad hat/coat rack. Very cute, and it makes for good storage with the bags hanging there.
 Last summer I found the 7up box with my name on it (literally!) and it stores scraps of papers that I use in mixed media pieces. The lunch boxes hold stamp carving supplies, and stamps.
 I love this little table I bought from another dealer at Old City Hall Shoppes in Pontiac. The enamel top cleans up real well after painting.
 The top piece is by an Brandi Evans of Dowagiac, Michigan. The bottom one is by me :D
 More little drawers and cubbies picked up at flea markets.
 Canvases...some are painted up with backgrounds and ready to be transformed.

 Here's the top of my little table. Love the red! Another organizer made from part of an old tool box.
 This is a big old cupboard...taller than me, that I found on the curb. When we got it home, we realized it must be pretty old, as it's all put together with square nails. The doors were missing when we found it, so we added more shelves and I painted the inside with chalkboard paint.
I am so used to working at the dining room table, that it might take some getting used to to start working in here.  After this busy weekend, I'll be trying it out!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Documented Life ...Layers...Don't stop til you get enough.

 I wish I had a picture of how this page was a page I'd started earlier and hated. In this photo I'd already used some gesso and paint to block out some of the ugly. The leaves on the edge were cut from magazine pages, and I just couldn't get them to work either. This week's Documented Life prompt was to use lots of layers (don't stop till you get enough!).
Added some yellow and pink...because those colors make me happy. And a bit of blue to repeat.
Here I got out the black and white pens and started doodling.
A bit more pink paint to block out some parts I didn't like, plus added some happy words. It's kind of a happy page now. Keeping going with the layers did help fix it up enough to make make me want to keep it. I think the page facing it will have a calendar. I'm missing having the calendar/journaling aspect of "documented life."

If you are interested in following along with the Documented Life Project prompts, you can  join the fun at: Documented Life Project 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Documented Life ....using underpaper

 What is underpaper, you say? Well, it's the paper you keep on under your journal when you are painting, to keep the table clean. I've gotten to where I will empty the brush out on that paper before I clean it out in a glass of water to change colors. You end up with a nice colorful paper that can be used in other projects. This turtle was sketched on one of those papers.
The ocean is also made from underpapers. I found some Hawaiian proverbs online, and since I love Hawaii, I decided to make a page from one of those. The theme for the week was "What lies beneath" and Hawaii has a lot "beneath" with volcanoes and the ocean all around.

Originally I had a page facing this one that included a volcano and lava underground, but it was too bold for this page, and I wanted the turtle to be the focus. So, I cut this page out and glued it to another page to stand alone. Sometimes, you just have to edit a little. When we were in Hawaii, we saw green sea turtles many times, and one swam up to us one day when we were swimming in a lagoon. It was a rather magical moment!
 Gorgeous black cliffs and the prettiest blues ever.
A fisherman and his son with their nets, while turtles sleep nearby.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

This is the day the Lord has made....

This is a little project I started a while back:
I painted the bike, and then was searching for a verse that would fit, and also fit with a bike. Since riding my bike IS a way to rejoice in the day, I thought this one was perfect. It has my hand done wonky lettering, and I embrace that these days. In this day and age, most everything is computer generated, so I think it's rather refreshing to see something that is hand lettered and hand painted. As you can see, this is the same style sketch that I often do in my journals.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Color Wheel...Documented Life Project

 This prompt was "The Color Wheel" and the suggest quote by Georgia O'Keeffe. I started with a large ledger page and a stencil, and sprayed yellow, red, and blue inks through the stencil so that they overlapped to form secondary colors. Then I glued it down with some pieces of book paper, under paper, and some tissues printed with the gelli plate.
 The little flowers are pieces of napkins glued down. Then I had fun with some fun doodling with the white and black pens.
 By now, my background was so busy that my quote would have a hard time standing out, so I swiped on some pretty magenta paint.

I've also been drawing some Route 66 signs and scenes in Illinois. I'm working on some projects for the shop with these little drawings.